Latest announcements

Latest announcements

2018In July, 3 pm : Hydrogen Chabon bus product price changes
< Hydrogen Chabon Bass products price revision:
More 7/2018 price sale price reductions, we inform.
Come and take this opportunity to "easily at home General hydrogen Este" and enjoy.
Hydrogen Chabon bass Starter Kit
3,→ 350 yen (tax excluded)2,200 yen (tax excluded)
Hydrogen Chabon bus eight
6,000 yen (tax not included) →4,000 yen (tax excluded)
2018March 25th. : Beautyworld Tokyo
Last year, followed by yearExhibits of the beauty world-Tokyoしました。
At Tokyo Big sight5/14 (Monday)-16 (Wednesday)We felt was surprised to scale are expanding beyond was held every year, guests from overseas are increasing.
I received interest Office also conducted a free trial of the herbal bath, almost fill up the calendar frame. Thank you very much.
After the treatment is our "sweating out", "neat", "feeling good", says body became lighter and the number received.
In the herbal bath sauna is usually a sweaty falling and health and beauty both to pick up thank you want to think.
2018In April, 8 pm : 2018-5-BW Tokyo exhibition
5/14 (Monday)-5/16 (Wednesday)The Beautyworld will be held at the Tokyo Big sight Tokyo will exhibit this year.
Our booth is a cosmetic zone5K-30It is.
During the free trial of the herbal bath room (10:00-18:00 / 17:00) will be carried out, so please come visit us.
You wish, in the first 10 people will send you invitation.
Furthermore, BW3 days, Chinese herbal medicine burying therapy-list provided by the limited edition special price.
In addition, this year started handling"Hydrogen Chabon bus.The wait we will sell.
2018March, 21. : Hydrogen Este popular!
Luxury skin care at home can feel free to General hydrogen Este!
"Hydrogen Chabon bus"

 Since its launch last year, is very popular!

To reward your work week hydrogen treatments at home.
Gives firmness and moisturize skin bath gel formulated four cosmetic ingredients, but with hydrogen gas
Every inch of the skin enough to penetrate.
And relax both body and mind, fight and work from next week to clean!
2018年3月9日 : Herbal steam slashing
Herbal steam (herbal liquor) set significantly lower price

Welcomed its inception 3 years, appreciation, herbal steam (herbal liquor) set will drop the price significantly.
Please, please take this opportunity to buy us.
2018年2月28日 : Hydrogen Chabon bus launched

Bath new confine hot hydrogen in bubbles of cosmetic ingredients
Hydrogen shabombas

Is hydrogen Chabon bus to Badger hydrogen generating agent and cosmetic ingredient l combined an
It is not ever hydrogen bath salts.
Cosmetic composition containing a plenty of tension membrane on the surface of the water, reacts with the water to
99% pure hydrogen gas soluble in hot water in the tub that made it possible.
Gives shine and moisturize skin bath gel formulated four beauty ingredients(*),
Throughout the skin thoroughly with hydrogen gas permeation.
Added comfort of faint fragrant lavender,
It is a little luxury skin care at home can easily General hydrogen Este.
* Hydrating ingredient: hyaluronic acid
Hydrating ingredients: collagen
Hari ingredients: placenta
Shine: sake yeast extract

2018In January 6th. : New year's Thanksgiving sale
This year please thank.

Last year cosmetics sales per, feel new to the popularNew year half price saleWill do.
Please please please buy all.

201711 / 20 day : Thanksgiving this year
< Year-end Thanksgiving service >

Just leave in 2017 and one month, with appreciation,Skin care productsIn December, will be offered at half-price.
On this occasion, we purchase our products, please.
2017年11月15日 : BW West
10/16 (Monday)-18 (Wednesday) Intex OsakaIn the BW West was held, was followed by second exhibition last year.
This timeFree trial of the herbal steamOffice conducted a planned border almost buried around 120 people who had experience the herbal bath.
After treatment, your uniform, surprise greatness of sweating, "neat", with a smile "body" and "feeling good", booth was after.
Herbal bath sauna, a nice healthy life lives forever and hope.
2017年9月5日 : General beauty trade fair
Western Japan's largest comprehensive beauty trade fair
Beautyworld Japan West
1/2017-18 (Wednesday)
Trade fairs will be held at Intex Osaka, now years (shares) will exhibit a reigning beauty, Chapel.
Booth location is 5-506.
This alsoFree trial of the herbal steamSo await our visitors.
Is the local sales experience with ultimate skin herbal further herbal is also planned.