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To help you with all of its customers relating to our products are beautiful, healthy and rich colors of life.

One of them is offered beauty increased body temperature, improve the immune system and health law. It is beauty stimulates the metabolism by raising the body temperature while containing the medicinal properties of the original medicinal plants (herbs), using a compact health beauty products (herbal steam) steam absorption from the skin and mucous membranes, and draining the body wastes, toxins and fat, boost immune system and health law.

Another is to provide natural cosmetics and food. To provide customers products of natural ingredients without any preservatives, preservatives, synthetic fragrances and preservatives in the thoughts of us or would like to achieve.

Beauty in love with Saito
"Beauty in love with Saito (bisilento), co., Ltd. is a strong wish, launched the brand survive Hojo, CEO of HOUJYO beauty research home healthy and colorful life, like love, hope to conduct.

"H,H "also is a brand of skin care products was developed to moisten the skin of Japanese as well as Hojo, CEO of far-infrared radiation wave water through age, sex, skin difference, regardless.
Esthetic salon Hope & HappinessA beautiful Sai love city, "H,H "is a salon that you can experience the product.
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