◆ our thoughts.

People complain of unexplained poor health in recent years, has increased. One of the reasons has been pointed out the low body temperature (can ' deep body temperature is low). Health most important are metabolic.  Hypothermia decreases body enzymes to repair the injured be aging due to oxygen, ultraviolet rays, viruses, fungi, genetic enzyme work is more important to it, will be bringing down the immune system.
Hope lives in health and beauty, we proposed to incorporate life, forever young healthy, vibrant life.

Our desire is to provide something useful for our health and beauty care at life.

One of them is a compact health beauty products (herbal steam) enjoy the steam of medicinal plants (herbs).

Another one by providing natural cosmetics and food, our thoughts or would like to achieve.

Beauty in love with Saito and H,H
"H,H ", is a brand developed by far-infrared radiation wave water regardless age, sex, skin quality differences between the Japanese skin for skin care products.